Portfolio of photography, commercial & film production works - selection from Berlin and abroad, client list

Avon photo production

AVON/UK - advertising print campaign
Advertising campaign Avon/UK, One Production, Art Director: Richard Gent, Photographer: Jason Hetherington, Model: Amelie Honore

Macy's photo shoot

MACY’S/US - advertising stills shoot
Advertising fashion production for Macy’s /‘Maison Jules’, Brachfeld Paris Production, Creative Director: Maryellen Needham, Model: Marinet Matthee

Editorial fashion shoot production

RED magazine/UK - editorial shoot
Editorial fashion photo production for RED magazine UK, Photographer: David Gubert, Fashion & Creative Director: Nicola Rose, Model: Sophie Holmes

Rihanna photo shoot Glamour magazine

GLAMOUR/US - Rihanna cover+photo editorial
photo production for Glamour magazine/ US, Photographer: Terry Tsiolis, Creative Director Fashion: Anne Christensen/Conde Nast

Productions above performed for ‘The Caribbean Production Service Company'
view this link for more samples of film and commercial video WORKS www.thecaribbeanproduction.com/works/film-video-productions.html
view this link for more samples of photographic WORKS www.thecaribbeanproduction.com/works/photo-productions.html

This site presents a general overview of WORKS performed in Berlin and abroad, and is only a small representation of our portfolio from the last 20 years. For the photographic and commercial video productions shown above, we were providing comprehensive production service according to client brief - budgeting, locations, cast, crew, props, equipment, accommodation, logistics, permits, customs, catering... Please view this link for more samples of film, video and photographic WORKS performed: www.thecaribbeanproduction.com/works/film-video-productions.html

The work samples below show a small selection of productions performed from scratch - creative concept, pre-production, production, post-production.

Creative services - idea, design, production for fashion photography & advertising shoots in Berlin

Leonce Berlin magazine title Leonce magazine Berlin photo shooting Vivienne Westwood interview Leonce Berlin magazine
Leonce magazine - fashion editorial, photographer: Reinhard Hennig Vivienne Westwood interview, photographer: Alfred Raschke, on location in Berlin
Fashion photography Reinhard Hennig Berlin Fashion photography Berlin shabby-chic Photo fashion shoot Berlin Berlin fashion photo shooting location indoor
Leonce magazine - fashion editorial, photographer: Reinhard Hennig, on locations in Berlin
Fashion photo production Reinhard Hennig Berlin Leonce magazine Berlin editorial shoot Zegna Photo editorial Berlin location Zegna Jewelry photo production Berlin Editorial jewelry photo shoot Berlin
Leonce magazine - fashion editorial, photographer: Reinhard Hennig Jewelry editorial, photographer: Reinhard Hennig
Berlin Reichstag photo shooting Marion Schult Marion Schult fashion photo editorial Berlin Yoko Ono interview Berlin – photo Bruni Meya
Fashion editorial shootings for Leonce magazine, photographer: Marion Schult Yoko Ono interview, photographer: Bruni Meya
 Fashion production – photography Marion Schult Fashion shooting Marion Schult photography Magazine shooting – photo Marion Schult Marion Schult photo shooting – Viva magazine Photography production Viva magazine
Fashion editorial shootings for VIVA magazine, photographer: Marion Schult

Creative concepts, content, design, art buying, photography, production and print for magazines

Below is a small showcase with lifestyle magazine titles - providing creative concept, design, art buying, coordination, budget management, complete pre-production, production and print production in cooperation with international photographers and graphic artists.

Creative concept magazine design – Viva

Viva Magazine - Viva Publishing LLC, USA, International Lifestyle Magazine in English + Spanish with worldwide distribution

Magazine design creative services

Oceana Magazine - Lifestyle and Travel Magazine in English + French - Crossworld GmbH, Paris/France + St. Martin

Magazine design Leonce Berlin

Leonce Magazine - City Lifestyle Magazine for Berlin for Design, Fashion, Art - Hoch-Kramer Publishing Company, Berlin/Germany

Design magazine sites Limage magazine Berlin

L’image Magazine - Avant-Garde City Magazine for Art, Architecture, Fashion - L’image Publishing GmbH, Berlin/Germany

Visual concepts, illustrations and design, production and post-production for advertising campaigns

Illustrations and paintings are integrated into our visual creative concepts for advertising and brochures. So far we have used art pieces mainly for food and gastronomic print products, but also for fashion advertising campaigns. This visual art form of stylized realism may as well be suitable as part of unusual web design presentations.

Hilton Hotel - advertising design and illustrations for gastronomic event print brochures

Food illustration brochure design
Illustration delicatessen advertising
Illustration advertising catering
Art work restaurant advertising illustration

Harbour Market - advertising brochure for delicatessen, catering and restaurant - creative concept, design, text and illustration, print production

Fashion art work Berlin
Advertising illustration design Berlin
Illustration art work for fashion Berlin
Design illustration for swim fashion Berlin

Illustration for Berlin fashion stores and free paintings – red bathing suit series

Websites - concept, web design, photography, videography, programming, search engine optimization

As part of a comprehensive promotion concept, we offer web design - from target market definition to creative concept to photography, videography to texting and search engine optimization.

Website creative concept
Web design- and concept Berlin

Concept, web design and location photography by Ellen Hoch-Kramer, web programming and SEO by Heinrich Sturm

Clients - brands, advertising agencies, production companies, television, film productions, catalogues, editorials

We have been hired by a diverse range of international media companies, mainly from the US, Canada, the UK, the rest of Europe & China, to support the productions of their film, commercial, video and photo shootings. Below is a list of clients - brands, production companies, film production companies, TV stations, advertising agencies and publishing companies.
It is our goal to create a professional, stress free working environment for our clients while shooting in a foreign country by carefully preparing every step of the production - from finding the right locations, organizing permits, customs entry papers, crew, cast, equipment, logistics, accommodation to comprehensive support services while shooting, until they are safe on the flight back home.

  • Alba Moda fashion catalog/Germany
  • Alloy fashion catalog New York/USA
  • Amica magazine/Germany
  • ARD, Compass of Love, TV Drama/Germany
  • Asaro/UK, location scouting Caribbean
  • Atomik pictures/SkyTV commercial/USA
  • Avon Cosmetics advertising/UK
  • Avon Cosmetics TV commercial/USA
  • Bavaria Film, Locations/Germany
  • BBC Cliff Richard Interview/UK
  • BBC London 2 jet set TV shows/UK
  • BBC Scotland Commonwealth Games advertising spot/UK
  • Bitburger Beer advertising campaign/Germany
  • BlairSchmidtProductions, C’bean Scouting/USA
  • BMI Airline advertising/UK
  • Boden Kids Catalog/UK
  • Bon.Aparte fashion+interior/Denmark
  • Boots magazine/UK
  • BrookeLudi Production-Rihanna, BTA shoot/USA
  • Brachfeld-Paris, Macy's/US
  • BSKYB, TV Spots/UK
  • BSKYB Twenty20 TV Spots/UK
  • Cargo Magazine/USA
  • Channel 4, CactusTV/UK
  • Chico’s fashion catalog/USA
  • CondeNast, Fashion shoot and interview/USA
  • Delia's Fashion Catalog/USA
  • Digicel TV commercial/Piranha Bar/Ireland
  • Digital Vision/UK
  • economia advertising agency/Germany
  • Elle magazine/Germany
  • E! entertainment, TV show - Matt Lauer/USA
  • Fashion World Catalogue, JDW/UK
  • Freemans fashion catalog/UK
  • FUER SIE fashion magazine/Germany
  • Garmin commercial shoot/US
  • Garnet Hill Fashion Catalog/USA
  • GE Projects/USA, location scouting
  • Glamour magazine/USA_Rihanna photo & interview
  • Glamour magazine/USA
  • Glamour magazine/Germany
  • Glamour magazine/UK
  • GQ magazine, 5Ranch Productions/USA
  • Grundy Light entertainment/Germany, location scouting
  • Harbourfilms, locations P & C/USA
  • Heine fashion catalog/Germany
  • Hilton Hotels/USA
  • Holly Benson Communications advertising/UK
  • INC fashion advertising/USA
  • JDWilliams fashion catalog/UK Swim Wear
  • Joanna Hope, Fashion catalog JDW/UK
  • Jockey fashion/USA
  • Jolie fashion Magazine/Germany
  • Jumping Horse Film, Pirateninsel, movie/Germany
  • Kaleidoscope fashion catalog, 2 editions/UK
  • Keo Films, BBC Docu re-enactment/UK
  • Klingel fashion catalog/Germany
  • Laura Ashley fashion/UK
  • Macy’s, New York/USA, St. Barths
  • Macy’s, New York/USA, Anguilla
  • Macy’s, New York/USA, St. Martin
  • Made in Chelsea-RealityTV, Monkeykingdom/UK
  • Marks&Spencer fashion advertising/UK
  • Marks&Spencer magazine/UK
  • Maruba Resort, advertising campaign/Belize
  • National Geographic, Re-enactment/UK, Canada
  • NBC TVseries, Who Do you think...Gwyneth Paltrow/USA
  • NDF, Betrayal in Paradise, 2 x 90 min. TV Movie/Germany
  • Northsix productions, locations BELSTAFF fashion shoot/USA
  • Novafilm, Unter weissen Segeln, TV Series/Germany
  • Oneproduction, Avon advertising campaign 2014/UK
  • Oneproduction, Avon advertising campaign 2015/UK
  • OTTO catalog/Germany
  • Peter Hahn fashion catalog/Germany
  • Petra magazine, 2 editions/Germany
  • P&O advertising, Still Productions Ltd/UK
  • Principles fashion/UK
  • Push Agency, Cricket Commercial/USA
  • Q Film productions, Music Video/Germany
  • Quelle fashion catalog/Austria
  • Quelle fashion catalog/Germany
  • RED magazine/UK
  • Redpoint Medien Produktion/Germany
  • Self magazine/USA
  • Skarp Agent, locations & casting VING/Sweden
  • Simply Be, Catalogue, JDW/UK
  • Spring Studios, Accessorize fashion advertising/UK
  • Starlite Productions, Nestle TVcommercial/Czech Republic
  • Storyhouse Productions, TV documentary/Germany
  • Target, locations, casting/USA
  • Temple Rainbow Productions, A.L.Webber TV show/Canada
  • The MiniMart casting /UK
  • Theproductionfactory, Gray&Osbourn catalog/UK
  • Three Sheets entertainment show/USA
  • Toelke Architecture editorial shoots/Germany
  • Tilley fashion catalog, Pimedia/Canada
  • Virgin Holidays advertising/UK
  • Vitamalt Drink, TV commercial/Denmark
  • Viva magazine/USA
  • Vogue magazine/Germany
  • Wall-to-Wall media/UK - Historic re-enactment
  • Wenz fashion catalog/Germany
  • Westside Studio-Sagicor Insurance advertising/Canada
  • Westside Studio-Visa Card advertising/Canada
  • Wowwowtank Productions TV commercial/Hong Kong
  • WRAP London for The Productionfactory/UK