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Berlin village locations around the city - farm houses, village squares for motion picture and still productions

The many small villages in and around Berlin have experienced a renaissance as important movie location for film, tv, video and photographic shoots for national and international filming and television productions. Berlin and its countryside with its picturesque small village locations had their first written mention in 13th century, when Berlin was still an area of small fishing and farming villages and located around the river Spree. From this ancient village settlement is still left the ‘Nikolaiviertel’ which is now in the heart of Berlin city. It has still its old cobblestone streets and village square around the old Nikolai church, the historic buildings that are carefully restored offer interesting filming and photo locations, especially for film scripts that request a historic, small town feel.
Our location archive has a large amount of photos from small towns and villages to choose from.

Another important movie location is the nearby town of Potsdam, which is blessed with many well preserved medieval cottages, cobblestone streets and market places. Some parts look like film architecture out of old fairy tale movies. Most of them are well maintained and can be found in the Hollaendisches Viertel (the Dutch Quarter) and the Weberviertel (the Weavers' Quarter) in Babelsberg village which also houses the biggest film studio of Berlin.
Babelsberg has a long successful history in film making, starting in 1912 with the silent film star Asta Nielsen in the film “The Dance of Death”. Over the years Babelsberg established itself as one of the mayor film studios in the world of film productions - in its peak time even challenging Hollywood as the number one film production place of the world.

Koepenick is another small village outside Berlins with medieval cobblestone streets - those are perfect filming locations not only for historic movies and historic re-enactment television productions, but also for editorial photo fashion shootings and television commercials. This town has still its medieval layout and passages between houses with pillars and columns.

Town and Country locations of old fashioned buildings and streets in cozy villages for film productions

The Spreewald (Spree forest) with many small villages and even more small rivers in midst a forest - a bit like Venice in a country style - is yet another outstanding location near Berlin. The Spreewald with the main town of Luebbenau is a unique location with an amazing wealth of river scenery and a wide network of waterways. It is the only location of its kind in Europe and it looks like a watery labyrinth that can easily be visited in a small row boat or bark. The Spreewald had been used as a backdrop for many movies and television productions, especially for crime dramas filming the fog rising over the rivers, creeks and ponds and dense forests with picturesque little wood houses in between. This ‘rural Venice’ has numerous little island farmsteads that are all linked by natural waterways.

An authentic reconstruction of a medieval village with cottages, store houses, craft workshops, paddocks, meadows and gardens s Dueppel museum village. It is another unique and spectacular filming location near Berlin. The village locations with old county settings and farming locations are built on the foundations of a 13th century settlement using techniques from back in the Middle Ages. In the medieval village the working groups are dressed and working crafts and agriculture like around 800 years ago. Even the animals and plants are from the old days.
Dueppel museum village is a perfect authentic outdoor filming location for any movie or television production, re-enactment and documentary that play in the Medieval ages, it is already a complete film set with all props, cast, wardrobe, animals and whatever any film director might need for the script.
There are many more small villages, towns and farms all around Berlin, this article serves just to name a few. With a film treatment in hand, we can find the perfect movie location for your film project, there’s is no need to build an historic set, it already exists somewhere in or around Berlin.