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Berlin city and country sceneries - locations for photo and film productions

Location Berlin - picture library with photos of urban feel and country living locations for film, video and photo productions - mood board of locations in Berlin and Potsdam

Berlin is about architecture and art - and anything goes.
Berlin locations are fabulous for your advertising, fashion editorial and print campaigns, for movie and still productions.

castles & museums

Castle and museum images Berlin

Berlin-Potsdam with its palaces and parks, and the Berliner ‘Museumsinsel’ (island of museums), are part of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage. All over Berlin there are many uniquely designed artistic landscaped gardens and fantastic castles and historic buildings that do serve in many cases as museums and theaters. Many of those buildings are in Berlin city center like Berlin's “Museumsinsel’, an architectural ensemble of beautiful harmoniously constructed buildings and bridges.

modern architecture

Modern architecture location Berlin

The modern urban design formations of the newly built Berlin city center around Potsdamer Platz, along with the recent constructions on the grounds of the former ‘Berlin Wall” and its mine fields behind, are a play ground for creative architects and designers.
In Berlin they find those open minded city planners who allow creative space in the designing and realization of futuristic ideas. No other city in the world has undergone a more drastic change in its appearance in the last twenty years than Berlin.

small town charm

Small town location mood Berlin

From the buzzing Berlin city to the sleepy villages with cobblestone streets, is only a stone throw away. You feel like you are on a county side location in the middle of Germany, with village ponds, small churches in the village center. Even in some parts in Berlin’s city center, you will find yourself all of a sudden set back in the medieval age.
There is a great diversity of locations in and around Berlin for film productions, video productions and photo shoots for any shoot requesting a country side feel.

shabby chic

Shabby-chic photo location Berlin

The shabby chic interiors and graffiti covered exteriors along with the numerous run down industrial buildings on Berlin’s former East side are still the favorite locations for foreign film and photo productions in Berlin.
As wild as the legendary Berlin nights is its mix of architecture, which in spite of the modern architectural hype shows many traces of the city destroyed in World War 2.

Experienced location scouts find the ideal location for your production in and around Berlin - no matter if the requested backdrop has to be historical, clean modern or shabby chic.

Berlin’s dramatic urban reinvention - the mood of a fresh beginning in architecture, in socio-economic structures, the goals and the whole city feel started in 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of East and West Germany ignited a boom in all parts of life that hardly finds a comparison anywhere in the world. Most obvious was this change in the massive construction of modern buildings all over the city and its contemporary architectural location appearance.
This development was part of the success of the Berlin film industry, that was big in the Twenties, disappeared from the international movie world during the Nazi Regime, and came back to life after Berlin’s reunification in 1989.

Nowadays Berlins modern architectural glass and steel buildings are desired film locations for international Hollywood movies, fashion editorial photo productions, television and commercial campaigns.
Berlin was not only changing its physical appearance, but its new image followed a fresh marketing strategy to attract a different kind of financially potential investors and visitors. All of a sudden Berlin wasn’t just the artists, experimental film makers and night owls enclave anymore - a bit crazy and a bit dirty and a bit poor, but very avant-garde, when that word was still hip.

Moods of Berlin and the region - location images for media productions

Fresh image films and advertising campaigns were marketing international film productions and big fashion events featuring Berlin’s iconic architecture. Berlin, the big European city that was over so many decades ignored by big industries because of its uncertain future became suddenly the desired new investment market for Berliners, Germans and the International business world. The biggest business was the re-construction of East Berlins historic buildings that are much desired movie and photo shoot locations and the creative modern high rises on the former dead zone of the Berlin Wall and Potsdamer Platz.

The urban change of Berlin that started in the 1990s is still going on even though the key sites like the new government quarter and the Potsdamer Platz have pretty much reached their final shape because of lack of available grounds. Apart from being the new Mecca for investors, architects and construction companies, Berlin is still the most desired city for the young and not so young open minded city people, for controversal and established artists, new film projects and cultural movements. Berlin’s urban locations are stretching out to the formerly neglected outskirts which have now become part of the city center, and there is no end in sight.