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On these following location pages we can only show a small selection of Berlin location images from our extensive photo archive. But if you are looking for any kind of Berlin city filming locations, please contact us, and we will find it most likely in our digitalized location library.

We supply international production companies, producers, directors and photographers with film and photo locations and provide full production support. We have been scouting exterior and interior locations for our extensive Berlin location archive for the production of movies, TV, commercials, music videos, documentaries, as well as for print advertising campaigns, magazine fashion editorials and catalog photo shootings.

In our Berlin location library we have a huge selection of digitalized photos: locations such as historic buildings, modern city feel locations, artsy Berlin graffiti exterior and interiors as well as the small village feel with cobblestone streets and old fashioned buildings, street cafes and markets and all this in the middle of Berlin.
Berlin also has beautiful landscapes with rivers, ponds, lakes and jetties, hills, forests, manicured flower gardens and parks around castles in the city and in the close region around Berlin.

Best known is Berlin nowadays probably for its modern lifestyle bars and restaurants, clubs and dance floors and those Berlin locations that are so typical for the city, like shabby chic painted walls, old factories and ruins. However great filming locations are the numerous historic buildings like cathedrals, churches, castles and museums, either beautifully restored or left with a very photogenic patina. Streets lined with 19th century buildings or newly built contemporary high rises to upscale luxury neighborhoods with impressive old luxury mansions or modern contemporary villas - there is hardly any location you will not find when considering filming in Berlin.

We are aware that in the film production and photographic industries creative concepts might change and locations need to be adjusted accordingly during the pre-production process, but we don’t give up until you are happy.
Please send us your film treatment, storyboard or a mail with a simple outline of your location ideas.

Castle park berlin potsdam
Village location berlin region

According to your Berlin location brief, we will supply web links with location mood boards, or we will mail selected location pictures from our extensive Berlin location archive

historic buildings & palaces

Castle berlin potsdam

Berlin is a city full of historic buildings and several castles. Those historic buildings are locations for theaters, museums and government departments. Most of them had been carefully restored - inside and outside- and they are in very good condition.
But not far outside of Berlin there are still some untouched old castles and majestic mansions with that shabby chic for which Berlin is so famous for.

contemporary high rises

Modern city center berlin

After the fall of the Berlin wall, a totally new modern part of the city had been built. The wasteland of Potsdamer Platz, the dormant space between East and West Berlin became a playground for new city architecture concepts.
Glas, steel and brick buildings in all kind of shapes, sizes and colors for urban life - shops, restaurants, entertainment halls and apartments were constructed, including the Berlin typical urban concept of water and lots of green.

streets & towns

Berlin medieval town center

A vast part of Berlin and its close neighboring towns and villages still have long lines of houses and streets with completely intact old buildings and cobblestone streets. Apart from the neighboring town of Potsdam, this can be found in the oldest part of Berlin city, the ‘Nicolaiviertel’ which has still conserved its characteristics dating back from 1237 with its classical medieval center.

interiors & decor

Staircase berlin historic interior

There is nothing like a typical Berlin interior - from the modern airy open glas and steel dining halls to the Art deco revival restaurants and the well preserved historic stairways in government buildings and museums, every style is present - and always in close neighborhood to the shabby chic, graffiti in- and outdoor spaces. Whether contemporary, visionary, post modern or just run down and old, it all has this typical Berlin charme.

Location and production managers will support your team while filming on the most remarkable Berlin locations.

Berlin city's architecture in the 21st century has been shaped by the key role the city played in Germany's 20th-century history. Each of the governments based in Berlin added its distinct flavor to the city's architecture - the Kingdom of Prussia, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, East Germany and the reunified Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin's history has left the city with an eclectic assortment of architecture and it hasn’t stopped yet. Berlin still has challenging programs to fill the gaps that were left after the 2nd World War and the environment of the Berlin Wall.